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Wine 101 -- More Than the Basics

We offer an approachable way to learning wine through our Wine 101: More Than the Basics course. This will give you a solid foundation in topics such as: food & wine pairings, how wine is made, wine regions & appellations, wine labeling & classifications, and of course sparkling.  Most importantly, at the end of this course you'll be more fluent in "wine banter" sharing your wine knowledge with others. 

This is a non-certified course, with NO exam at the end. 


This course is ideal for either:

  • The Enthusiast who wants to know more than the average about wine. 

  • The Culinary Professional who seeks to up their wine knowledge as an added tool in their work arsenal.

  • The individual who is curious about certification, but would like to get their feet wet prior to paying it forward on a certified exam. 

Each course is comprised of 5-75min sessions. 

Pricing listed below covers the cost of all 5 sessions and materials.

All 5 sessions must be schedule at once prior to payment.

Wine Host or Corporate/Group Inquiries

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