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Booking & Cancellation Policy


** A Discovery Consultation must be in place prior any services being booked.

Proposal will be sent with all information, and pricing for services. A proposal is not a contract, and is open for discussion from both parties.


Contract will be sent with details of agreement at the same time as invoice.

Meal Prep Service, Small Dinners, and Cocktail Soirees must be booked minimum 3weeks prior to requested date.

Plated & Large Dinners (of all formats)(17+ppl) must be booked minimum 4 weeks prior to requested date

Wine Dinners, and out of state must be booked minimum 6 weeks prior to requested date.

Consultation services booking minimums are based on the size of the project. 


A non refundable  Retainer Fee must be paid in full at time of booking for ALL services under The Collective Unlimited. This fee will go towards your services, and reserve your date.

The remaining balance can be broken down in up to 3 scheduled payment installments depending on the time of booking.

Epulae Kitchen bookings made 14days prior to event, and charcuterie boards must be paid in full.  

Epulae Kitchen bookings made less than 14days prior to event are not eligible for payment plans, and must be paid in full at time of invoice and contract.


Retainer fee is not refundable, but is also transferable up to 3months from cancellation. 

Additional fees may be added to rescheduled services if it varies from original services quoted.


Epulae Kitchen: Remaining balance is due 7days prior to service date.

Flourish Hospitality Consultation: Remaining balance must be paid minimum 1 month prior to contract completion. 


Violation of cancellation policy or failure to make payments can result in 100% of remaining balance to be paid immediately. This will also result in scheduled services to be cancelled immediately & not eligible for transfer or reschedule. * Please see contract*

All of out of state bookings must be cancelled 7days prior to event.

*** Further specifics for payments, etc will be tailored per contract and are subject to change from the format listed above.

Q :: Does Epulae Kitchen Travel?

A:: Yes! Although we are based in Atlanta, but we happy to bring out signature services to you! . Applicable travel fees will be applied to totals. 

Out of state services must be scheduled minimum 3 weeks from service date.

Out of country services must be scheduled minimum 12 weeks from service date.

Video meeting with client, and various EK team member leads (needed for the event) must be completed prior to booking to discuss all details.

Q:: Do we take out of state clients?

A:: Yes!  Travel and/or out of state bookings are available for both Epulae Kitchen & Flourish Hospitality Consultation.

Q:: Can I buy my own groceries, and Epulae Kitchen cook for me?

A:: GREAT question! Epulae Kitchen follows a strict "On Sight" Catering policy to protect the companies liability. With that being said, Epulae Kitchen cannot cook ingredients that we do not source with company time, nor pay for through customer invoicing.


Q:: What is "Onsite" Catering

A:: We do not serve or cook food that is not produced in a kitchen that is not within the same location where food will be served.

Q:: Do we except cash?

A:: We do not. All transactions must be paid via invoicing with a Debit or Credit card. Tax will also be applied here.


Q:: Payment Plans?

A:: A Retainer fee is due at the time of booking on all service offered under The Collective Unlimited.  This fee is non-refundable.  The remaining balance can be broken out up to 3 payment plan installments, dependent upon service date. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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