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We provide fine-dining Private Chef services through Epulae Kitchen.  With EK, we focus on providing beautifully executed intimate gatherings through food, beverage and service.


Plated Dinners

This our "all encompassing" package, and what Epulae Kitchen is known for.  Allow us to bring in all of the beautiful elements and wonder of a fine dining experience into your home.  Not only do we provide the food and the chef, but our plated service also comes with flatware, plates, glasses, linen, light decor. 


  • Wine - With or without wine host presentation.

  • American - Traditional Pre- Plated Service per course

  • English - Large Dish Family Meal per course

Dinner Table


Incorporate wine pairings or cocktails into your dinner plans, or enjoy while sipping along with some Small Bites!

We have an excellent beverage team on staff to procure the perfect bottle of wine, or mix the perfect cocktail.

  • Wine Speakers/Host

  • Wine Tastings

  • Champagne Towers & Sabering

  • Wine Buying

  • Wine Cellar Organization

  • Signature Cocktails

Cocktail Making

Small Gatherings

Nothing like a fellas night with "Cigars & Wine", or a beautiful "Bridal Soiree" over brunch.  Of course you need a small bite of food to go with.  

  • Petite Buffet 

  • Passed Bites 

  • Deluxe Charcuterie Board 

Seasoned Cold Meats
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Get in the know!

Are you looking to secure multiple, on-going services from Epulae Kitchen, or wish to establish a corporate account via making us a Preferred Vendor? Email us to get a copy of our Marketing Deck to find our more.

* Epulae Kitchen is an On Sight not Off Sight food service

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