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At The Collective Unlimited, we are passionate about all realms within the food & beverage - hospitality industry.  An industry that is ever changing, always trendy, with high competition.  Knowing this, we are dedicated to seeing the success of others who plan to venture into this industry.  Through our consultation services, we provide a comprehensive plan tailored to each of our clients needs.  
Combining our years of industry knowledge, paired with an excellent roaster of key contacts, we are here to assist you.

Project Management

Your Foundation.

  • Recipe Costing

  • Beverage Costing

  • Recipe Composition

  • Beverage Menu Curation

  • Food Photography


Wine 101

We offer an approachable way to learning wine through our Wine 101 course.  This is a non-certified, ideal for either:

The Enthusiast who wants to know more than the average about wine. 

The Culinary Professional who seeks to up their wine knowledge as an added tool in their work arsenal.

The individual who is curious about certification, but would like to get their feet wet prior to paying it forward on a certified course.


  • 5- 1hr &15min sessions

  • 2 blind tastings per session

  • In person and virtual options available

  • One-on-One courses are popular and at no extra charge

  • Max group number per in person session: 10ppl

  • Max group number per virtual session: 25ppl

  • Workbook included

Beverage Operations.

Looking Into the Future.

  • Plan 101 

    • Compose. You already have all of your information, and have done your research.  You just don't have the time to put it together​, or maybe you aren't quite sure how to put the information that you have together.  Allow us to put all of this into a well laid out plan. 

    • No research or advisement

    • 1 revision

  • Plan 201

    • Compose. Compile. Research.  Along with putting your plan together, we will work with you ​ in getting the research done!  Walking you through the brainstorming process of how to conceptualize to business.  

    • Executive Summary

    • Industry Research/Statics

    • Target Market Demographic

    • Competitor Analysis

    • SWOT Analysis

  • Pitch Deck 

    • Lets take your Business Plan, and turn it to beautiful presentation.​


At Your Service. 

One-on-One time with our consultant based on your scheduled needs to produce the concept that you envision. 

  • Innovation Capabilities Assessment

    • Concept Strategy

  • Business Strategy

    • Business Plans

  • Brand

    • Brand Strategy

    • Brand Identity

    • Sponsorship & Activation guidance

  • Menu Development & Analysis

    • PMix Analysis

    • Marketplace Research\

    • Recipe Development/Menu Curation

  • Operations

    • Beverage Sponsorship Advisement​

    • Business Management

    • Seasonal Operations Management


Needing multiple services? Save money by choosing our "New Business Start Up Plan"

  • Consultant for Hire

  • Pitch Deck

  • Price Coaching

  • Industry Research

  • Concept Brainstorming & Execution

  • Access to Preferred Vendor List

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